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March 6, 2011   ·   0 Comments

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to present on mobile development using Flex “Hero” and Flash Builder “Burrito” to both an internal audience here at Adobe and to the Boston Flash Platform User Group. There’s a lot of ground to cover and in both cases I had to breeze through sections due to a lack of time. Perhaps in the future I will split his session up or offer it as an extended workshop. Anyway, I can’t share the slides at this time but I wanted to share the links and resources that I used to help me put the slides together, organized by topic. I think many of you might find these useful. It’s important to note that while the presentation focused on Flex, many of the topics were ActionScript based so not specific to Flex developers.

Please forgive that a number of the resources are my own work – it’s not ego, it’s just that I compiled my prior samples and work to build this presentation. I would, however, welcome you to share your favorite links on any of these topics and I will try to update this list periodically with them.

Download Burrito (MAX build from October timeframe)

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Understanding Views/ViewNavigator


Understanding Views/ViewNavigator – Passing Data Across Views


Persistence – PersistenceManager, File System, SQLite


Connecting to Services


Sending Email, Text Messages, Phone Calls and Market


Device Capabilities – CameraUI


Device Capabilities – CameraRoll


Device Capabilities – Microphone


Device Capabilities – Accelerometer


Device Capabilities – Gestures


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