Arab singer Wael Kfoury is to divorce his wife

April 24, 2013   ·   2 Comments


Arab Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury has revealed he’s welling to divorce his wife Angela Bishara. Bishara’s father reportedly filed divorce proceedings in Cyprus since the couple were married there in a civil ceremony.
Negotiations are already underway for custody of the couple’s daughter, Michel. Rumors claim that Kfoury has taken his daughter to his hometown Zahleh.
Kfoury is known for keeping his personal life out of public media.
Lebanese TV host Rima Njeim recently remarked that Kfoury’s remark during a radio interview – that he could repeat the experience of marriage more than once in life was a hint about the pending divorce.



  • kousersaf

    hi hapipi wael kfoury ana ouhipek naham ha wael kfoury hinahe hakikade . haahk karipan . ila dahihad hapipouk wafia

    • marwan

      hi hayati keefek ma banfa3 ana?