Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol, study finds

February 6, 2012   ·   0 Comments

A new study suggests that social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter are more difficult to resist than cigarettes or alcohol. A team from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business recently conducted an experiment involving 205 people in Wurtzburg,¬†Germany to analyze the addictive properties of social media and other vices. Participants in the week-long study were polled via BlackBerry smartphones seven times per day and asked to report when they experienced a desire within the past 30 minutes, and whether or not the succumbed to that desire. They were also asked to gauge each desire on a scale from mild to “irresistible.” In total,¬†10,558 responses were recorded and a total of 7,827 “desire episodes” were reported by